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June 2017 MS/US Laptop Turn In

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June 2017 MS/US Laptop Turn In
by R.M. Pellant - Thursday, May 18, 2017, 10:51 AM

It will soon be that time of the year when you turn in your laptop computer. 

All students are expected to turn in their laptops at the end of the school year. Students in grades 9-11 should save all files (documents, presentations, movies, pictures, etc.) into Google Drive. There is no other backup method.  All computers will be wiped (erased) over the summer. See Ms. Kritta, Mr. Pellant or the RMC for assistance.

There should be no stickers on the inside or outside of your computer except for the Breck barcodes. (no keyboard covers) Do not turn computers off.

If you have software, like Dragon, that keeps a user profile—you will want to save that profile to reinstall on your computer in the Fall. Take a look at this tutorial for how to do that in Dragon.

Middle School students are expected to turn in their laptop, charger and bag on the following days:

Grade 5 - Wednesday, May 31
Grade 6 - Tuesday, May 30
Grade 7 - Friday, June 2
Grade 8 - Thursday, June 1

Upper School Turn in is Tuesday, June 6th in the MS Dining Room:
Turn in laptops only. You are responsible for your charger over the summer. 

Seniors—9:40-10:30, turn in laptops, bags, and chargers. You should back up to your Breck Google Drive, then use something like Drive Migrater to transfer to a personal Gdrive. Your Breck Google Account will be terminated in August of 2017.